Custom content gives the edge

Institutional traders have a team of developers, developing custom indicators and strategies, typically by programming, giving the edge.

VisualStation is the first platform to provide content development, instant one-click and non-programming.
The learning curve of trading

The learning curve of financial trading is typically steep and long, for automated trading it can be above 5 years of try and error development. The main reason is the lack of fast and efficient development of custom content.

Access to one-click development is shortening the learning curve dramatically, from months/years to minutes/days.

Custom STRAT indicators is the key

The STRAT indicator is a new type of digitized cross market and timeframe indicator, with one-clik edit and testing. Unlimited different STRAT indicators can be developed, as input for discretionary and automated trading.
Cross market- and timeframe aware

Profitable traders are typically comparing across markets/symbols, VisualStation is the first platform supporting custom development of cross market/timeframe TA and trading.

VisualStation versions

VisualStation Basic (FREE)VisualStation PRO
Strategy development
Entry pages28
Exit pages28
Live backtesting
Virtual strategies
Portfolios of strategies
Batch testing
STRAT indicators
STRAT count4200
Custom criteria
Traditional indicators
Chart count50200
Work groups210
Custom indices/WG110
VIX charts
Combined bars MR
Chart trading
Remote access and WD from PlayApp
In-platform manual
Memory model50k barsMemory limit
Historical dataFreeFree
Tick data
Email alerts
SMS alerts

Custom content, one-click development

STRAT indicators

Develop STRAT indicators in seconds.
Across timeframes
Across symbols
Across equity charts
Merge info across symbols and timeframes
Replace multiple charts with STRAT indicators
Backtest an indicator
Use STRAT indicators as input to algoes
STRAT indicator as a chart

Custom STRAT criteria

Extend VisualStation with custom criteria.
No DLL restrictions
DLL templates
Outsource custom criteria, not the strategy
Confidentiality development

Algo development

One-click edit and backtest.
One-click edit and backtest
Live backtesting
Equity as charts
Virtual strategies
Batch testing
Storing algoes locally

Cross market charting

Define your own cross market charting.
Custom indices
Chart basket
Cross market VIX charts
Basket performance VIX charts
Multiple indices
Dedicated criteria
Inversion of symbols
Custom symbols


Automated chart trading

Use chart trading to wait for opportunities/monitor positions.
4 STRAT indicators
Profit targets
Stop loss
Time expiry
Alerts, sound, email and SMS

Discretionary trading

Order panels for fast order execution.
One-click trading
Use 1-2-3 trade size
Mini STRAT charts


Work Groups

Create and delete workgroups of charts.
VIX charts
Custom index charts
Chart Matrix window

Arrange buttons

Save different platform layouts, for instant switch of layout. The user will typically have a count of layouts such as; algo development, backtesting, timeframe and market setups.

Remote Access

Monitor and control automated strategies remotely from PlayApp.
Watchdog feature

Requirements & recommendations

OS: Windows 7,8,10
RAM: 8/16GB (min 4GB)
PC: Laptop (battery backup)
For single monitor: 21:9 2560x1080